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2 Wheel Trolley Bag

2 Wheel Trolley Bag

  • CABIN LUGGAGE APPROVED. Save yourself a whole lot of cabin baggage stress and potential additional charges by choosing this Travel Ready Cabin Luggage. Dimension: 55x35x20cm (All parts, including wheels) –perfectly designed to fit within the ranges of cabin dimension restriction. Approved for Ryanair, EasyJet, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Flybe and all the major Airlines. It has a 39 Litre Capacity and weighs 1.9KG
  • REMOVEABLE WHEEL ATTACHMENT. The cabin luggage is brilliantly designed to flat-pack with its removable wheel attachment. Its base is a reinforced Polypropylene Injection Moulding; which has a high flexural & impact strength.
  • FLAT-PACK COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN. Its collapsible design makes it an excellent on-the-go carrying option and is ideal for compact storage areas. It has a removable wheel attachment that allows it to compress from 20cm to 9cm. It also has a padded front pocket that is perfect in keeping your laptop and tablet safe and in place
  • DURABLE MATERIAL. Made with high tensile strength ripstop polyester material which is splash-proof, tear-resistant, and is perfect for withstanding a large amount of weight. It is commonly used for tents, hammocks, and paragliding canopies.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The luggage bag is designed to be collapsible and light when not in use or empty. Once it is packed and ready to use, it can comfortably withstand the tough rigors of the travel environment. The Travel Ready Cabin Luggage has been extensively tested to ensure it keeps in line with Travel Ready's high standards of quality
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• Ultra-lightweight

• Easily compress with the removable base attachment

• Made withdurable ripstop polyestermaterial

• Includes aclip-on elastic strapto secure belongings

• Front pocket is suited for holding electronic devices

• Two stable wheelsprovides effortless rolling and maneuverability