Are you Travel Ready?

  • There is absolutely nothing to complain about and it cleared all flights I have. Easy to handle. Easy to keep everything organised. Easy to roll around. Definitely recommend! Great quality. A MUST have for traveling!Best of all, tucks away when I’m not travelling.

    -Pawan Munjal
  • This case was a perfect size for a week's worth of clothes and a couple of Christmas presents. Its soft shell allows for flexibility when packing. The 4 wheels give it great maneuverability making it easy to move around husy spaces. The case also easily fit within Flybe's strict hand luggage size allowance. All in all, a sturdy but flexible suitcase.

    -Jane Johnson
  • Bought it last year and been desperate to buy some more for future and presents. Super light, great handle, quality look and feel, loads of room for an Under-seat bag. I bought the bigger case to match to meet Ryanair sizes which is just as perfect. The handle pulls out in 3 stages and is a great height, even for a tall person. Highly recommend. Worth every penny.

  • These are brilliant!!!Have flights with wiz air who allow backpack sized carry-on bags but haven’t been able to find backpack sized carry in with wheels that can be pulled along! Now I have them! Awesome creation! A must for frequent flyers on budget airlines

  • Very pleased with this product ... Exact size I required ..... EasyJet have changed the cabin size luggage now and it must be small enough to go the seat in front..Very lightweight, easy to use and great it folds down when not in use ...

    -Ricky D
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